How Can Your Small Business Take Advantage of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design can help you keep up with the online trend. You may be implementing some search engine optimization (SEO) strategies, but you can further boost your efforts with a responsive design. It has been years ago when Google shared that there is a major shift from desktop browsing to mobile and tablet browsing.

This behavior is not even surprising when you see more and more people prefer to buy smaller devices which they can use anywhere they are. Google further explained that 40% of people in the US prefer to do shopping on their mobile devices. It is more convenient since they can easily compare items and shop around without leaving their sits.

Small business must thrive now that we are in the digital age. After all, digital marketing has made the marketing field level. You can now compete for sales against big companies with the use of your website. However, it is not enough to have a functional website. It has to be responsive. This means that your website must be consistently functional, aesthetic and fast no matter what type of device the visitors are using.

Imagine when you browse a website that does not have a readable font. Perhaps the photos take forever to load. Then you will just end up exiting the site and look for another website that can give what you are looking for. When creating a website you must also think of the user’s experience. This way you can give what they need and want.

Another reason that you need a responsive website is to increase your search engine visibility. It is no secret that Google has been ranking websites “mobile-first.” This means that it considers the user experience and other factors on mobile more than the desktop design. The higher you rank on mobile search, the more traffic you can get.

As a small business, you can increase your sales if you give the best experience to your web visitors. Add to that you can also improve your conversion rate.